Saturday, August 1, 2015

Radha Krishna

Waking me Up you Say me to 
Go back to Sleep Again
We will talk tomorrow  
Now you tell me 
what to do till tomorrow 
Every Time i remember you 
in my mind 
your memory 
becomes my shadow
In your 
every happiness and sorrows
he will be useful
make a relationship with shyam
and you get relaxation
when world rejects you he will accept you 

Trust shyam 
you will never be cheated
every occasion shyam 
will come to your home first 
Krishna when your name comes on my tongue
i donot know why heart smiles
my heart is assured
that somebody is ours
who is remembered every time 

through the window of eyes
every moment i adore
Fixing mind on your feet i worship
let my life pass